Wednesday, August 31, 2005

the wondrous east

i've just come back from a whirlwind trip through south east asia. The trip - like hanoi traffic - was organised chaos and lots of fun. some random anecdotes:

- When you cross the street in saigon, be sure you've got life insurance. its not changed in the five years since ive been. imagine stampeding animals.. the miracle is that it works.

- Travel by bus. Always. You get some amazing bargains - HCMC to Phenom Penh for $4, PP to Siem Reap for $5. Just be sure that you know when the bus leaves, as my travelling companion and I embarassingly rushed down pham ngu lao chasing a bus that carried our luggage. with hangovers and flip flops. We lucked out in Poipet and got a pimpin' (I use the word fairly) bus - lace curtains but red leather fittings, disco lights and lounge music. This was our reward for taking 8 hrs to do 150km on unpathed roads. It was like riding a washing machine.

- Bangkok has some of the best nightlife and shopping in the world. In ze verld. Thank you, MM, for the local expertise.

- Go to Phenom Penh. Easily one of the most underrated cities in Asia. Just bring a good pair of sandals, you'll have to trek through drain water at some point in time.

- Food in Asia is the best in the world, easily. Or at least a step above haggis...

Okay, thats all for my pearls of wisdom :P Ill update on Berlin shortly, what a place it is here.


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